Marketers Share Their Best Tips

Marketers Share Their Best Tips: how to Nurture Relationships with Bloggers and Influencers

Bloggers and influencers are crucial in helping brands amplify their messages and build credibility among their followers. However, successful partnerships go beyond mere transactions; they rely on the cultivation of meaningful relationships. In this article, we have gathered insights from marketing experts who will share their top tips and strategies for nurturing solid connections with bloggers and influencers.

Expert Insights for Working with Bloggers and Influencers

Genuine Human Approach

Ayman Nazish, Marketer at SocialSharings

Building meaningful relationships with influencers and web admins in your niche requires a genuine and human approach. Start by engaging with their content, leaving thoughtful comments, and sharing their work to demonstrate your appreciation.

Personalised outreach, such as direct messages expressing your admiration, can go a long way. Offer to collaborate on projects that align with your interests, emphasising the mutual benefits.

Additionally, attending industry events or webinars provides opportunities for face-to-face connections. Building a sense of community by featuring them in your content or mentioning them in your network can foster a reciprocal atmosphere. As trust grows, conversations about collaboration and backlinks become more natural. Authenticity and sincere interest in their work are the cornerstones of successful relationships in the digital landscape.

Check In Regularly

Gavon Barkdull, CEO of Zestain

In marketing, the size of your networks is directly proportional to the success of your outreach. At Zestain, I think of these people as my professional friends – I don’t just contact them when I need a favour. Checking in with them regularly and being curious about their ongoing projects strengthens the relationships and helps identify more opportunities for collaboration.

The best marketers nurture relationships by offering more value than they derive from these connections. Find out what things matter more to your target bloggers and influencers and devise ways to help them by aligning your goals with their own.

Consider collaborating with micro-influencers with smaller but highly engaged niche audiences within your industry. Choose bloggers with a more significant social media presence and can amplify their content across channels.

By providing them with exclusive access to your press releases, new products, or CEO interviews, you can strike a mutually beneficial relationship that spurs growth for everyone.

Collaborative Adventures

Daniel Espada, CEO of Gearadventure

In the realm of outdoor gear, forging relationships is crucial.  One unique approach I swear by is engaging fellow bloggers and influencers through collaborative adventures.

Recently, I invited a popular trailblazer for an outdoor escapade. This showcased our products in action and created an authentic connection over shared experiences.

This increases credibility and creates a lasting partnership that resonates with our audience.

Personalized Engagement

Carlos Erduado, Marketer at Score Beyond

The key to successful relationship-building lies in personalised engagement. Rather than sending generic outreach emails, Score Beyond's approach involves meticulous research and tailored communication. For instance, before contacting an influencer or webmaster, we thoroughly study their content, interests, and social media presence. This allows us to craft a compelling message that resonates with their niche and preferences.

To illustrate, I recall a recent collaboration with a prominent educational influencer. After researching their work extensively, I sent a personalised email highlighting how our educational platform aligned with their content goals and audience interests. This personal touch grabbed their attention, and we discussed potential collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, nurturing these relationships involves a genuine interest in their work. Regularly engaging with their content, leaving thoughtful comments, and sharing their insights on social media helps build rapport and establish Score Beyond as a valuable contributor to the education niche.

Organic Connections

Eric Eng, CEO of AdmissionSight

I start by identifying the right individuals with similar values to my brand, AdmissionSight. I believe in the power of organic connections, so I contact them personally, appreciating their work and expressing my interest in a possible collaboration. I avoid the hard-sell approach and instead focus on how we can mutually benefit from such a partnership.

A crucial part of my approach is active engagement on their digital platforms. Posting insightful comments and sharing their content helps to build rapport and gradually nurture a relationship. I also offer value through unique content or opportunities to guest post on our platform. This reciprocal relationship often results in high-quality backlinks and fruitful collaborations.

Exclusive Access

Alexander Havkin, Sales Expert at Ecoline Windows

One practical approach is offering them the chance to experience our products firsthand. We invite them to visit our showrooms or, when possible, arrange installations in their homes. This hands-on experience helps them understand our product quality and benefits, fostering a genuine connection to our brand.

Transparency and authenticity are core values in our interactions. We freely share product and project information, encouraging influencers to ask questions and provide honest feedback. This openness builds trust and credibility, enhancing the likelihood of collaboration.

We also engage with influencers and web admins on digital platforms and at industry events, participating in conferences and webinars and actively following and commenting on their content. Our active online presence strengthens relationships in the digital sphere.

Content Collaboration

Russell Noga, CEO of

Our approach includes engaging in meaningful discussions on healthcare forums, where we share our expertise and connect with key industry figures. Additionally, we actively pursue content collaboration, like guest blogging or co-creating guides, which enriches our content and extends our reach.

Personal connections with influencers are equally important. We take time to understand their interests and needs, allowing us to tailor our collaborative efforts more effectively.

Our strategy focuses on genuine, informative, and mutually beneficial interactions in the insurance world, where trust is everything. This approach has been vital in establishing lasting relationships, leading to valuable backlinks and successful collaborations.


Nurturing relationships with bloggers and influencers is a long-term investment that can yield significant benefits for your brand. By understanding the importance of building authentic connections, identifying the right influencers, crafting personalised pitches, and engaging in meaningful collaboration, you can foster strong and mutually beneficial relationships.