Umbro Marks 100 Years, Introduces 100 New Collections with  Exhibitions Across the world

24th April 2024

Umbro, known for its iconic football jerseys, celebrates a century of style with a new collection. Since 1924, Umbro has been at the forefront of football fashion. Now, it's reimagining sportswear with its latest centenary range.


A Century of Fashion and Football


Umbro has partnered with big names like Paul Smith, Supreme, and Off-White over the years. These collaborations show how Umbro blends fashion and sport. 

Recently, Umbro showcased its heritage at the Umbro 100: Sportswear X Fashion exhibit in London.


Umbro's collaborations with fashion giants highlight its unique ability to bridge the gap between sports and style. 

The brand's rich history in football fashion is evident in its diverse range of partnerships.


Roots in Manchester


Manchester, Umbro's birthplace, influences its designs. The brand draws inspiration from the city's culture and history. 

This new collection pays homage to Manchester's vibrant spirit.


Umbro's connection to Manchester runs deep, shaping its designs and reflecting the city's dynamic energy. 

The centenary range captures the essence of Manchester's cultural identity.


From England to Brazil


Umbro's designs have graced teams like England's 1966 World Cup winners and Brazil's legendary '90s squads. Now, the brand merges vintage style with modern flair.


Umbro's influence extends beyond borders, leaving a lasting impact on football fashion worldwide. 

The centenary collection celebrates iconic moments in football history.


Revolutionizing Football Fashion


In 2002, Umbro teamed up with designer Paul Smith to create England's World Cup kit. This groundbreaking collaboration set a new standard for football fashion.


Umbro's collaboration with Paul Smith marked a turning point in football apparel, showcasing the potential for creativity and innovation in sportswear design.


Bringing Back Retro


Umbro's centenary range takes inspiration from '70s and '80s football kits. The collection celebrates Manchester's rich culture with fresh designs.


The centenary range pays homage to Umbro's roots while embracing the nostalgia of past football eras. It combines retro aesthetics with modern sensibilities.


Available Down Under


Australian football fans can get their hands on the exclusive Umbro Centenary collection. Selected stores will stock the range, while the full collection launches online on May 1st at


Football enthusiasts in Australia can look forward to experiencing Umbro's iconic designs firsthand, celebrating a century of football fashion innovation.