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Verizon Visible Introduces Annual Plans With Discounts of Up to 26%


Visible, Verizon's digital wireless service, has unveiled its latest offering: annual plans designed to provide customers with significant savings while maintaining convenience and reliability.


The newly introduced annual plans cater to the increasing demand for seamless connectivity in today's fast-paced world. 

With just two plans to choose from, Visible aims to simplify the wireless service experience for its customers.


For $25 a month per line, subscribers can enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data with Visible's standard plan. 

For those seeking lightning-fast speeds, the Visible+ plan offers access to Verizon's blazing mid-band 5G Ultra-Wideband service, in addition to the benefits of the standard plan, all for $45 a month per line.


The introduction of annual plans brings substantial discounts for customers willing to commit to a year of service upfront.

Opting for the Visible+ plan for a full year reduces the cost to $395 per line, marking a significant $145 reduction from the regular price and translating to a substantial 26% discount. 

Even subscribers opting for the standard plan can enjoy notable savings, with an annual payment of $275 per line, resulting in an 8.3% discount.


New subscribers can immediately avail themselves of these annual plans, while existing customers will have the opportunity to transition to the new pricing structure starting next month.


The Visible+ plan offers an array of features, including 50GB per month of premium 5G and 4G LTE data, ensuring high-speed connectivity even during peak usage periods. 

Moreover, subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted streaming experiences, as data speeds won't be throttled when 5G Ultra Wideband is unavailable.


In addition to robust domestic coverage, Visible+ extends its connectivity offerings internationally, with unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada, as well as international calling and texting to over 30 countries.


Furthermore, hotspot data with speeds of up to 10Mbps allows customers to transform their smartphones into portable Wi-Fi hubs, ideal for remote work or sharing connections with friends and family on the go.


With the introduction of annual plans, Visible reaffirms its commitment to providing customers with cost-effective solutions without compromising on speed or convenience. 

By bidding farewell to monthly bills and embracing annual subscriptions, customers can enjoy significant savings while staying effortlessly connected.

Currently, annual plans are solely accessible to new Visible customers, leaving existing users without the option to opt-in. 

Even as these plans are anticipated to roll out more widely, users are advised to weigh the decision carefully, especially if they are availing of discounted rates on their Visible Plus plans. 

Many individuals are currently paying $35 per month for the standard $45 service, rendering the yearly savings to a mere $25, raising questions about the value proposition vis-a-vis the flexibility to switch carriers at any time.


The core Visible plan offers basic unlimited data with mobile hotspot functionality, albeit throttled to 5Mbps. 

Upgrading to Visible Plus grants subscribers access to "unlimited premium data on Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network," promising optimal speeds whenever the 5G UW icon is displayed in the phone's status bar.


Regular 5G and 4G bands provide 50GB of premium, full-speed data each month before potential deprioritization and slowdowns.

But Visible Plus enhances the offering with faster mobile hotspot performance, complimentary smartwatch service (a $10 value), and improved international coverage compared to the standard plan.


However, a notable drawback of Visible Plus is the company's decision to throttle video streaming to SD quality, even on 5G UW networks. 

While some users may find this restriction cumbersome, others may not deem it a significant inconvenience, especially if they do not heavily rely on mobile video consumption. 

Despite this limitation, numerous subscribers find Visible to offer a reliable and satisfactory experience akin to traditional postpaid Verizon accounts.